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Prep Zone Academy™ Proudly Presents



The Prep Zone Academic Excellence Day is an educational, 1-day event organised by Prep Zone Academy™. The event aims to highlight and showcase the best colleges around the world, as well as the best practices to gain admissions to these colleges.

Featuring a series of in-depth seminars, the event aims to elucidate admissions matters for aspiring students, encouraging them to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Seminar Lineup

Participating Schools

Undergraduate Seminars

Ivy League Seminar

Improve Admissions Chance to Ivy League Schools. QA Panel With Alumni.

Oxbridge & UK Medical Seminar

Best Application Strategy to Top Medical Schools in the UK.

Graduate Seminars

Duke-NUS Post Grad Medical Seminar

Discover Duke-NUS Post Grad Medical Programs for Working Professionals.

INSEAD & Duke Fuqua MBA Panel

Is Business School the Right Path for Your Career?

INSEAD & Duke Fuqua EMBA Panel

Reaching the C-Level With an EMBA, What to Expect?