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UK, US, Singapore, Canada, Ireland Universities

Getting accepted to these prestigious schools is a delicate process. Each step of your admissions journey contributes to the ultimate outcome, the long awaited offer to your dream school. Prep Zone Academy’s very own admissions consultants has helped hundred over students get admission offers from schools of their choice. We not only help our students keep track of their deadlines & submissions, we also assist them with the following,

Profile Optimization

We will assist you in finding opportunities with local organizations to get involved in. We already have a list of activities that we highly recommend to our clients based on the university program they intend to apply to. For instance, med schools look for a student committed to serving the community with strong interpersonal skills and medical experience.

College Shortlisting

Whether you already have your dream schools in mind or don’t quite know how to begin sorting through the thousands of options, our consultants can help match you with schools based on your interests, goals and profile. We will help you find a range of schools to be your reaches, targets, and safeties as well as consider the types of programs and how they relate to your future goals.

Essay Editing

Your personal statement is another factor that contributes to a successful application apart from your grades and scores. Top scoring students are a dime a dozen, but the personal statement is where you have a chance to stand out. Our consultants understand the importance of taking a light touch to make sure your statements are authentically you, while providing unlimited guidance from brainstorming to proofreading to make sure you’re presenting the best version of yourself.

Interview Preparation

For the universities or courses that require it, the interview is a critical final step of the application process and can range from a friendly conversation with an alum to heavily knowledge-based questioning akin to an oral exam. Interviews can be a major determining factor, as they show the admissions officers how you are able to present yourself, handle stress and deal with others. We offer 1-on-1 interview sessions using questions and materials from our extensive knowledge bank.

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