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The INSEAD GEMBA is a MBA program that gives candidates a foundation in the fundamental practices of business. Therefore, it covers finance, accounting, marketing, economics, leadership, strategy, business ethics and broad management skills. These are skills essential to succeed in any career. It also keeps you updated about the trends in the business world. In addition, it prepares you for a successful career as a business leader.

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Getting into INSEAD


The INSEAD EMBA Assessment consists of two modules and a 20-minute interview. The first module consists of a verbal segment and a quantitative segment. Whereas, the second module consists of a case presentation which has a 30-minute preparation time and a 15-minute delivery time.

Module 1

Verbal SegmentSection 1 - Communication Analysis
Skills Tested:
Contextual Understanding
Summary and Inference

Analysis of passages through the lens of gauging the main themes, relevant points and logical inferences
30 minutes for 15 Questions
Verbal SegmentSection 2 - Critical ThinkingSkills Tested:
Logical Reasoning
Information Completeness

Managing the components of a logic problem to either deliver a definitive answer to a question or simply determine its solvability
30 minutes for 15 questions
Quantitative SegmentSection 3 - Data Analysis Skills Tested:
Problem Solving

Fluency and efficiency in use of business-relevant mathematics
30 minutes for 15 questions
Quantitative SegmentSection 4 - Data InterpretationSkills Tested:
Mathematical Caselets
Information Completeness

Data Significance testing through both standard mathematical logic questions, and multiple linked mini-case questions where arithmetic and algebra are tested in the context of a business scenario
30 minutes for 15 questions

Module 2

Case PresentationAnalysis and absorption of the challenges and opportunities facing a business. Presentation and discussion to adjudication panel of candidate's analysisPreparation:
30 minutes

15 minutes


The INSEAD EMBA has been statistically proven to enable 65% of students to receive promotion from their companies. The promotion happens during or immediately upon graduation. On top of promotions, INSEAD EMBA also increased a student’s earning potential as their salary packages haven risen on an average of 16.8%. Furthermore, 73% of EMBA alumni’s have met or exceeded their expectations of recouping their investment.

Furthermore, the EMBA enables a reputation boost as it showcases capability and credibility. Hence, it affirms your potential and put you in a different league.

Academic Excellence

The EMBA allows you to gain depth knowledge of finance, accounting and management from faculty who are leaders in their fields.

Study While You Work

INSEAD’s Executive Master in Finance is uniquely tailored to working professionals. It enables you to apply and practice your studies in the workplace as you learn.

Strategic Perspective on Finance

The programme offers an absolute focus on the financial industry with a rigorous understanding of the key competitive and management issues in this sector.

A Global Experience

The programme leverages INSEAD’s campuses in Europe and Asia and its international faculty to provide a truly global and entrepreneurial learning experience.

Interview with INSEAD MFin Director

“Ranked #1 Global MBA Programme by the Financial Times in 2016, what makes INSEAD unique is our cultural diversity and global perspective that are reflected in all aspects of our research and teaching.”

“INSEAD Executive Masters in Finance (EMFin) is designed for experienced finance professionals with eight years of experience on average.”

“In particular, we look for candidates with the following profiles: A Bachelor degree in any discipline, 4 years of work experience in finance-related roles, strong quantitative skills great potential for leadership roles in the financial industry, Candidates who score high on the quantitative part of the GMAT and demonstrate a clear career ambition in the application essays often stand out from other candidates.”

– Anne Bresman  (Associate Director of the Executive MFin)

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Prep Course

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  • INSEAD Assessment Official Guide
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