About the PQA

The PQA (Personal Qualities Assessment) assesses a range of personal qualities that are considered important in the practice of medicine and allied health professionals.

Who Should Take PQA?

The PQA is used by universities for admission to their undergraduate medicine programmes. The universities included are University of Adelaide (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), University of Newcastle (Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine) and other schools.

PQA Test Format

The PQA tests a student’s cognitive skills and personality traits. There are four sections on the test:

Mental Agility Test (MAT)

The MAT is designed to measure the fluid intelligence. It is a high level reasoning ability skills test. Hence, it would contain questions similar to those found in many IQ tests. Hence, the test will assess you using a series of verbal, numerical and spatial problem-solving questions. Additionally, it differentiates between those of higher than average ability in this dimension.

Interpersonal Values Questionnaire

This section describes a number of situations where people make decisions according to their opinions and values. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions. Thus, it tests the value system of the candidate.

Interpersonal Traits Questionnaire

This section presents statements about people and lists the way individuals might think and behave in certain situations. Hence, the tests ask candidates to indicate how true or false each statement is about themselves.

Personal Characteristics Inventory

This section asks respondents to rate themselves on statements. It is designed to establish how honest they are about themselves. Thus, it assesses a respondents truthfulness about their thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

Test Structure

TestQuestionsTime (Minutes)
Mental Agility Test4560
Interpersonal Values Questionnaire4960
Interpersonal Traits Questionnaire 10060
Personal Characteristics10020

How Can Prep Zone Academy Help?

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I had Shanara, Rishi and Nirali for my PQA prep. The guidance that Shanara and Nirali gave me for the Interpersonal Values and Interpersonal Traits sections not only helped me during the PQA but for my future interviews as well because it trained me to think ethically as a doctor for my future patients and colleagues. They were super patient and very encouraging. Really enjoyed the sessions with them!

Charlotte Goh

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