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About The PSAT

Preliminary SAT (PSAT), also known as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) is a simplified version of the SAT for students in the 10th and/or 11th grade. Taking the PSAT is the best way to get you familiarized with the SAT. For students in the US, the junior year scores are counted towards the National Merit Scholarship Program. Find out more about whether international students should take it on our College blog.

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PSAT Test Format

PSAT includes four timed sections: Evidence-Based Reading, Writing and Language, Math (no calculator), and Math (calculator allowed).

Evidence Based Reading

The section consists of 47 multiple choice questions that the students need to answer in 60 minutes. There will be 5 passages on topics, such as World Literature, Social Science, Natural Science, and History. The section tests the students’ ability to read a passage, think critically about its main ideas and key details, and answer related questions.

Writing & Language

The section includes 44 multiple choice questions, and time allocated in 35 minutes. The passages used in this section cover a wide range of topics, including history, social studies, natural science, and the humanities. The section requires the students to think like editors and identify errors and weaknesses in the passages by reading.


The section is divided into two portions, Calculator and No Calculator. The No Calculator portion comprises 17 questions and is 25 minutes long. The Calculator portion presents 31 questions and is 45 minutes long. Most are multiple choice questions, but some are student-produced response questions, or ‘grid-in’ questions. The section tests algebra I and II, geometry, and some trigonometry.

Our PSAT Preparation Classes

The PSAT score may not be required by many students in Singapore. Regardless, it helps to identify student’s strengths and weaknesses and to work on them before taking the SAT.

Prep Zone Academy has helped hundreds of International School and top Junior College students over the last 10 years with their SAT/ACT preparation and admissions to top US Colleges. Getting started with the PSAT can help students get familiarized with the format and thinking skills required of a standardized test.

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