About the PSAT

Preliminary SAT (PSAT), also known as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) is an easier version of the SAT for students in the 10th and/or 11th grade. It is the best way to get you familiarized with the SAT. For students in the US, the junior year scores are counted towards the National Merit Scholarship Program. Find out more about whether international students should take it on our College blog.

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The New PSAT Test Format

The PSAT has undergone changes along with the SAT to ensure it is testing relevant skills and knowledge. It is also 35 minutes longer than the older version. The test format, including the time and number and questions is as per below:

Every question has 4 answer choices instead of 5 and there is no penalty for guessing incorrectly. (Best not to leave any questions blank!). It is graded on a scale of 200 -1600.

According to the Collegeboard, the test is designed to focus on the following:

Words in Context:

Many questions choose to focus on important, widely used words and phrases found in the texts of many different subjects. Some questions ask you to figure out a word’s meaning based on context. The words are ones that you will probably encounter in college or in the workplace long after the test day.


The Math test focuses in-depth on three essential areas of Math – Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Heart of Algebra and Advanced Math (which consist of more complex questions)

Problems Grounded in Real-World Contexts:

Throughout the PSAT, students will be asked questions grounded in the real world, directly related to work performed in college and career.

Analysis in Science and in History/Social Science:

In this section, students will be asked to apply their reading, writing, language and math knowledge and skills to answer questions in science, history and social science contexts.

U.S. Founding Documents and the Great Global Conversation:

Students will be asked to read a passage from U.S. founding documents or the global conversation they inspired.

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