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About the UCAT

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT), formerly known as the UKCAT, is a 2 hour multiple-choice admissions test used for medicine and dentistry applications by the vast majority of universities in the UK. The content is not medicine related – it is designed to test whether medical school applicants have the right skills to become a doctor.

The UCAT is an online test, and is usually done at designated test centres around the world. The testing session runs from July to September. It is recommended for students to take the UCAT in the early half of the testing window as students will be preoccupied with other components of their applications in the later months. An additional advantage of taking the test early is that since you will receive your score as soon as you finish your test, you can plan your college options more effectively.

Do note, you are only allowed to take the test once in an admissions cycle, with the results being valid for only the admissions cycle in which the test was taken.

UCAT Required For UK & Singapore Medical Schools

Starting from the academic year 2024/25, applicants to UK and Singapore medical schools will no longer need to prepare for both the UCAT and BMAT exams. While a few UK medical schools still accept BMAT scores, this list is dwindling, and students should carefully review the admissions requirements of their preferred institutions. With the BMAT being phased out and potentially replaced, students are advised to prioritize studying for the UCAT as it is expected to be the preferred exam moving forward. Overall, these changes provide much-needed relief and increased opportunities for aspiring medical students to secure admission to their desired medical schools by focusing on the UCAT and staying informed about any further updates in the admissions process.

Our UCAT Preparation Classes

Prep Zone offers a variety of UCAT courses, including individual, group, and hybrid courses. These options allow you to choose one that is most appropriate for your study style and schedule. Our Individual and Hybrid Courses allow students to select the content they wish to cover, while our Group Courses cover the entire UCAT syllabus through scheduled concept classes and tutorials.

Need help with your UCAT preparation or medical school application?

Every year, we assist thousands of students in passing their standardised tests and getting into the colleges of their dreams. With a team of veteran trainers and college admissions consultants, we offer a comprehensive set of services that can assist you at every stage of the admissions process.

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