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IELTS Preparation Classes

International English Language Testing System

The IELTS test is often a pre-requisite to enter Australian & UK universities. It is also helpful in application for business organisations. The IELTS test comes in two versions, academic & general. The academic version is often required for university/college admissions. The general version is primarily for training programs, secondary school admissions, and immigration.

IELTS Test Format

The IELTS test assesses your abilities in all four skills – listening, reading, writing & speaking – under three hours.

ListeningAbility to understand the main ideas and detailed factual information, the opinions and attitudes of speakers, the purpose of an utterance and evidence of your ability to follow the development of ideas.
ReadingThis tests a wide range of reading skills: reading for gist, reading for main ideas, reading for detail, skimming, understanding logical argument and recognising writers' opinions, attitudes and purpose.Academic
Three long texts which range from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical. These are taken from books, journals, magazines and newspapers. They have been selected for a non-specialist audience but are appropriate for people entering university courses or seeking professional registration.
General Training
Extracts from books, magazines, newspapers, notices, advertisements, company handbooks and guidelines. These are materials you are likely to encounter on a daily basis in an English-speaking environment.
WritingThere are two writing tasks and both must be completed. Each tasks are assessed based on task response/achievement, coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy.Academic
Topics are of general interest to, and suitable for, test takers entering undergraduate and postgraduate studies or seeking professional registration
General Training
Topics are of general interest.
SpeakingThe speaking section assesses your use of spoken English. The examiner will ask you general questions about yourself and a range of familiar topics, such as home, family, work, studies and interests. One of the tasks will require you to talk about a particular topic where you will be given an opportunity to discuss more abstract ideas and issues.

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