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Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) 

Given the competitive nature of medical admissions, these interviews are often the fulcrum on which an admissions decision depends.

The MMI is an interview format that uses many short independent assessments in a timed circuit, to obtain an aggregate score of each candidate’s soft skills. Most Singapore Universities, UK schools and many Australian schools utilize the MMI to test a candidate’s character, motivations, maturity, and overall fit for a medical career.

Since interviews are a major determining factor in medical school admissions, we perform regular MMI simulations during the interview season (November to March). The different MMI type stations would be collaboration, scientific knowledge, health care knowledge, standard personal interview, ethical decision making, critical thinking, and situational (role play).

Some example questions we would ask the student would be: Tell us about yourself, What aspects of healthcare attract you to medicine? Tell us what attracts you most and least about (Medical School)?, What do you think was the greatest public health advance of the twentieth century? What challenges do you think a career in medicine will bring you? How do you think the rise of information technology has influenced and will influence the practice of medicine?

We also provide different type of reading materials ranging from news articles, books, and current research articles. Another aspect of interview prep would be to practice and improve delivery skills, such as body language and active engagement.