Prep Zone Academy's Phase 2 Reopening

Dear Prep Zone Community,

As we enter Phase 2 of safe opening, to safeguard public health and minimise the risk of community transmission of COVID-19, we will gradually resume selected services at Prep Zone Academy. You will see below the main measures we have put in place.

When will Prep Zone Academy be fully open for students post circuit breaker?

  • Students will have the option to have individual sessions online or in-person at Prep Zone Academy.
  • ALL group sessions are available online.
  • Selected group sessions (GMAT, MCAT, SAT, UCAT) are available in-person – do check with our Prep Zone staff for more details.
  • Both our Springleaf Tower and Rochester Mall locations will be open. We will communicate further updates to our students on a regular basis.

What are the entry and exit protocols going to be?

  • Following MOE guidelines and to reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19, Prep Zone Academy is required to abide by the nationwide safe management measures for workplaces issued on 9 May 2020. These include health checks and declarations for all staff and students, the use of SafeEntry to support contact tracing, wearing of masks and regular cleaning of common facilities and high-touch areas. We seek your full coorporation to follow the entry and exit protocols that would be put in place from the 27 June 2020.

What is Prep Zone Academy doing to keep its physical locations clean and sanitary?

  • All surfaces in our active classrooms will be disinfected throughout the day. In alignment with practices in MOE schools, we will also watch out for students with fever or respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, breathlessness, runny nose, loss of smell, cough, or sore throat.
  • Students (and Staff) with visible symptoms of the above will be asked to continue their lessons from home until they feel better.

Can I go to both of your centres?

  • Both Prep Zone Academy teaching centres in Singapore will be open from 27th June 2020.
  • We do encourage ALL students to only visit one centre to minimise the intermingling of students and staff between the 2 locations. We will as a result look to book all your individual in person classes at one location.
  • You may of course continue your invidivual sessions online if that is your preference.

Can I come in to do practice tests?

  • All practice tests will continue online until further notice. This is to reduce the volume of students at our center coming in for non-class related activities. We will look too resume practice tests conducted at Prep Zone centres later in the year.

What precautions are staff taking to ensure a safe environment for students? How will interactions be different?

  • Prep Zone staff will be wearing masks and ensure a sanitary environment for our all our clients. Classrooms will also be reconfigured to conform to the latest regulations. We intend to still however strive to deliver a high quality teaching session to all our students along with all the necessary precautions.

Is there a limit to how many people can be in your location at one time?

  • Yes we are following MOE guidelines with regard to this. Hence the need to us to have a staged resumption of our ongoing group classes over the weekends and certain weekdays.

Do people need to book appointments? Or, has the booking process changed?

  • The booking process remains the same. Please contact our friendly operations team at or call  6812 9990 for further enquiries.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in ensuring a safe environment for all.

The Prep Zone Team