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US College Admissions Test

SAT II Subject Tests Preparation Classes

Some US colleges require the SAT II Subject Tests for admissions or course placements. The SAT II Subject Tests allow candidates to showcase their knowledge and competencies in specific subjects. Generally, candidates take 2 or 3 SAT II Subject Tests, especially if one is applying to highly competitive colleges.

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SAT II Subject Tests

Candidates can take Subject Tests for Mathematics, Languages, Sciences, History and/or Literature. Most colleges expect at least a 750 or higher SAT II score. It is greatly recommended that candidates sit for subject tests that they are proficient in. Taking SAT II subject tests relevant to their intended majors, would act as an advantage.

Mathematics Math Level 1, Math Level 2
Sciences – Biology Ecological, Biology Molecular, Physics, Chemistry
Languages – French, French with Listening, German, German with Listening, Spanish, Spanish with Listening, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Chinese with Listening, Japanese with Listening, Korean with Listening
History – US History, World History
Literature – Literature

SAT II Subject Tests are not be available on all test dates. Language-based tests, especially, can be offered as infrequently as once a year. This can make choosing SAT II Subject Tests particularly tricky, it is best to consult a professional before finalising your choice of subjects.

SAT II Individual Prep Course

Prep Zone Academy’s SAT II Individual Prep Course has helped students achieve 750+ score for their subject tests, and increased their college admissions chances.

The course aims to help students build a solid foundation & understanding of the curriculum, improve on their weak areas, work on the application of concepts learnt, answer difficult questions and improve on time management.

We offer SAT II Individual Prep Courses for the following subjects:

Math Level 1 / Level 2
Biology Ecological / Molecular
U.S. / World History

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