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The UCAT ANZ, University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand is developed for medical, dental and clinical science degree programmes admission in Australia and New Zealand. It is an aptitude test to compliment your academic results.

A few things to note:

  • Only applicable to Australian citizens, permanent residents or New Zealand citizens
  • The UCAT ANZ test has replaced the UMAT from 2019 (for university entry in 2020)

UCAT ANZ Test Format

The UCAT ANZ is a 2-hr computer based test with 5 sub-tests timed separately.


The UCAT ANZ simply refers to the Australia and New Zealand version of the UCAT. The UCAT ANZ test content will be identical to that of the UK test. Aspiring medical school students will take the UCAT ANZ when applying to universities in Australia and New Zealand.

However, do note that as an international student applying to Australia and New Zealand, you will most likely not be required to take the UCAT ANZ. Many programs instead require international students to take the ISAT (International Students Admissions Test). Do refer to each university’s medical program requirements to determine which test you should be taking.

More information on UCAT vs. UCAT ANZ

Online 1-to-1 UCAT ANZ Course

With a team of veteran UCAT trainers, we have developed an online 1-to-1 UCAT ANZ course specially for Australian and New Zealand citizens.

With this course, you will get:

  • A fully customised preparation schedule based on your current academic profile
  • Undivided 1-to-1 attention with a dedicated UCAT ANZ trainer
  • Decide each session’s content and focus
More information on UCAT ANZ course

Need help with your UCAT ANZ preparation or medical school application?

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